FKT: Jade Belzberg - Art Smith Trail - 2023-02-07

Route variation
out & back
Gender category
Start date
Finish date
Total time
2h 34m 28s

Despite being three days out from the Joshua Tree Traverse FKT, I wanted to take advantage of the time here in the Coachella Valley and try for a fast time on the Art Smith Trail! We started just after 8am. My husband joined me on the run, though I lead the whole way. He carried his own supplies, and I carried a handheld bottle (20 oz.) The first few miles were relatively busy with people enjoying the pleasant day—it was 60F at the start and 70F at the finish. The time here (2:34:28) is a bit slower than the actual FKT route since I started from the official Art Smith Trail parking lot since I wanted to also try for the Strava segments. So, at the beginning of the run I ran to where the previous FKT holder started her run (on highway 74) but kept my watch running. Due to this, the time can definitely be lowered to at least 2:31. Fun day on beautiful trails!