FKT: Jade Belzberg, Nickademus de la Rosa - Round Hump (AZ) - 2021-06-19

Route variation
Gender category
Mixed-gender team
Start date
Finish date
Total time
6h 32m 28s

My husband, Nickademus, and I ran this route as part of a long training run on June 19th. While conditions were not ideal (smoke and a high of 90F), this was a beautiful, satisfying route. We started the run at 6:13 am and made good time heading up Waterline. Nick carried 2L and 1400 calories worth of bars and gels while I carried 1.5L and 1200 calories of bars and gels. We reached the trailhead to Bear Jaw at just over 2 hours, then headed down. The directions were relatively straightforward to follow, although we did note that it was closer to 2.5 miles along FR418 and much closer to 6.5 trails from the AZ trail to Snowbowl. We expected to be able to find water at Snowbowl, whether from a bathroom or a hose, but could not and so begrudgingly hiked an additional half mile each way to the lodge to refill our bottles since the day was much warmer than expected. In the future, we would look to do a water drop for ourselves to save time and additional mileage. We headed out of Snowbowl at roughly four hours, thirty minutes in. Kachina Trail was particularly tiring in the heat of the day but we got some reprieve in the final two miles back to Schultz Tank where thunder could be heard. We're really impressed by this route that the original FKT holder created as it covers a variety of terrain, several aspen groves, and offers some glorious views along the way.