FKT: Jake Stookey, Bill Hoffman - Saranac Ultra 6er Challenge (NY) - 2020-09-10

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15h 51m 17s

On Thursday 9/10/2020, Bill Hoffman and Jake Stookey completed the Saranac Ultra 6er Challenge (NY) in 15:51:17 (hh:mm:ss). We started at 3:30:24am and finished at 7:21:41pm at the official start/finish point at Berkeley Green in Saranac Lake. We completed the challenge without support (only filling water at streams along the way) and without the use of a car, choosing to ride bicycles from the start, to each trailhead, run/hiking each peak, then biking to the finish. If we are interpreting the guidelines correctly, this is an unsupported version of the standard route because we relied exclusively on self-propelled travel and more than 50% of the time was spent running or hiking.

Here is a strava activity showing the entire activity (biking and running) as one contiguous activity:

Bill captured Strava activities separated into the run and bike portions of the trip:
Run (with photos taken at each peak):