FKT: Jakob Griebenow - Saxon Wine Trail - 2023-02-25

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Standard route
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Total time
12h 36m 5s
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The start of the route from Diesbar-Seuslitz is not easy to reach by public transportation, so I started in Nünchritz and got 7.5k to warm up before the start of the route. I ran the first 70k unsupported carrying food and water by myself and used a public water fountain near Alaunpark in Dresden to refill my bottles for the last 30k. Since I ran in February, a lot of the public water fountains have been closed (usually open April-October), so it was not easy to get water outside the larger cities. From Dresden to Pirna two fellow runners ran alongside, but did not support me in any way else. After finishing the route it takes additional 2.5k to get to the train station in Pirna.