FKT: Jakob Scherwitz - Ettenheimer Naturerlebnisweg (Germany) - 2021-02-28

Route variation
Standard loop
Gender category
Start date
Finish date
Total time
1h 48m 7s

Beautiful, and perfectly marked trail! It has a few steep ascends, but most of it is absolutely runnable.

I had perfect conditions, 10°C and not a lot of dayhikers on the trail. I carried a small soft flask with me, and every 6k or so there is a chance to refill it. I also took one gel, and my Hoka Cliftons were a good choice (although I good an unusual blister with 7k to the finish..), in my opinion you dont really need trail shoes for this route.

So, if you like a runnable trail with no issues of finding the right way, go for it! You will find a lot of different landscapes, and I really enjoyed just zoning out and flying up and down some not really technical trails!