FKT: James Brewster - Greensand Way (United Kingdom) - 2020-09-20

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1d 0h 44m 25s
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A long but ultimately rewarding day on the Greensand Way, running from Hamstreet to Haslemere town hall.


Having had a couple of days to reflect on this, I thought I'd follow-up with more on the day.

Like the other recent attempts I'm sure, ours was planned due to the cancellation of races in the wake of lockdown and wider covid restrictions. Myself and Ben recce the first half of the route over the weekend of September 5th / 6th before our attempt that would start at 6:00am on Saturday 19th September. 

Starting in Hamstreet, we were keen to match all supported FKT efforts to date, running a harder course by tackling most of the gain in the second half and finishing at Haslemere Town Hall. Ben and I were driven to the start by a friend who crewed us for the first 50km with another pal. We set off at a steady but strong pace, greeted too by a spectacular sunrise. Stops at crew points were short, stopping for snacks and water top ups on what was a warm day. Another crew team took over from Yalding and supported to the finish. We were also joined on the trail by the crew team at points.

At 125km, in Dorking, Ben sadly had to drop after being unable to work through some stomach issues. I carried on, finishing what was started and reached the town hall at 6:44:25, lowering the fkt by over 3 hours.