FKT: James Eckhardt - Mt Ritter (CA) - 2021-08-14

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out & back
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6h 0m 20s
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Made it in 6:00:20, but it's worth noting that my time to the summit was 3:16. There was no snow on the route, which aided upward progress greatly, but the loose rock on the way down took a lot of time to navigate without sending rocks down on folks below. I followed Matthew's route up and down with slight variation likely due to differences in snow coverage.

While I didn't really take any time off the old FKT, I thought the differences in conditions and times up and down were worth posting. I have only been training uphill and have not trained to run in the past year, so I agree with Matthew that, if someone can combine running on the flats and speed uphill, taking the FKT well under 5:00 should be very doable.