FKT: James Lauriello - Indian Creek loop - 2022-11-25

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2h 27m 42s
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Indian Creek Loop - Pike National Forest

Started out moving extremely well and had a split for sub 2hrs until the 11 mile mark, which is when I started to bonk and subsequently pulled back on the effort. 

Multiple sections had 1-3 inches of snow which made some of the downhills tricky trying to avoid rocks. Also took two wrong turns which probably tacked on 7-10 additional minutes. Without the snow, the bonk and the wrong turns you could easily drop 30 minutes off this time. Will be back in the spring or early summer to take a faster crack at the loop. Not a super inspiring route (for me at least) unless you like views of old growth forest and rollers on rollers. Very few long sustained climbs, expect rollers with rocks and roots for most of the route.