FKT: James Parsons - National Three Peaks Challenge (United Kingdom) - 2022-06-11

Route variation
running between THs
Gender category
Start date
Finish date
Total time
8d 12h 24m 0s

Took part in Mark Cockbain's 3 Peaks Ultra challenge, where we'd climb the three peaks and run/walk everything in between. Was a great laugh with some good people. We stayed in various village halls, sports clubs and football changing room toilets along the way. Eating pot noodles and drinking out of puddles, as well as the odd pint of Guinness. It came down to an 80 mile foot race from Frodsham to Llanberis (plus up and down Snowdon of course), and I managed to be the first one (through a combination of not being 60 years old (hello Adrian Martin) and wanting to get home the most). Fully acknowledge that this isn't the true, historic FKT as a couple of walkers did it in the 70s in seven and five days, respectively. They must have been on speed, and fair play to them both. Still, my Mum will be proud to see this, and the female FKT holder Trish Patterson keeps pestering me to submit it. So here it is.