FKT: James Platts - Little Annapurna (WA) - 2021-08-20

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6h 32m 31s
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Solo run and hike from the Stuart/Colchuck Lake trailhead up to Colchuck Lake, up Aasgard Pass, and over to the summit of Little Annapurna before returning the way I came.  Started from the trailhead sign by the parking area around 8:45am and returned just after 3:15pm.

It was a hard effort, especially when moving faster on the way down, but felt good to push the pace when I could.  My new water filter worked really well to keep hydration levels up (filled my bottle from the running water above Colchuck Lake and on the lower slopes of Little A.), but I probably carried too much food.

Lots of people on the trail enjoying the hike up to Colchuck Lake and the Enchantments Core Zone, but once in the Core Zone it was pretty quiet.  Saw a few mountain goats relaxing in the cooler temperatures on the rocky slabs leading up to the Little Annapurna summit, but kept my distance.  Forecast rain showers never materialized.  A great day in the mountains!