FKT: James Stewart - Howe Sound Crest Trail (BC, Canada) - 2018-10-09

Route variation
north to south
Gender category
Finish date
Total time
5h 31m 58s

There is an existing FKT on this trail in the standard net downhill direction (South to North) from Cypress Ski Resort to Porteau.

I wish to establish the FKT for the opposite direction, which is the much harder direction due to net uphill and additional 1000m of vertical climbing. I feel this direction should be recognised because it is the more difficult accomplishment.

After contacting various people in the region, including Eric Carter who runs a website listing FKTs in the region, there is no information anyone has gone faster than my time other than what is presently listed on Strava. There is a segment however, it chops off the final 2 minutes of the trail at the end. My FKT is 5:31:58 where the trail starts at the gate at porteau rd carpark to the pavillion bitumen at Cypress Ski Resort where the trail finishes.

I have video footage of my attempt as I took my gopro with me. I am still presently compiling into a video to upload to youtube. I can provide a link when it is complete.