FKT: Jami Landry - Wanaque Traverse (NJ) - 2021-04-02

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12h 20m 18s

This is an epic loop that I couldn’t stop thinking about after I lost the white trail (there’s a reroute) two weeks ago and had to abort.  I ran the traverse alone. The first half is technical mountain ascents, and the second half is flowing mountain bike trails with endless switchbacks. In the middle there’s a brief foray into the Ringwood Estate and NJ Botanical Gardens. The facilities at Ringwood Estate were locked so I refilled my water at the river running adjacent before moving on to the second half. I carried all my food; which was limited as I was stubbornly carrying my halo (a smaller pack, and my all time favorite), so most of what I had was gels.  More food is definitely recommended!!  I managed to run from exactly dawn to dusk but had a headlamp and would highly recommend carrying one.