FKT: Jamie Hurrell - Trundle to Humps Figure of 8 (United Kingdom) - 2021-02-19

Route variation
Figure 8 loop
Gender category
Start date
Finish date
Total time
2h 26m 32s

Quite a good route for the most part, the only section I didn’t enjoy was the last few miles which is along a busy road. Other than that it was a fun route 

Starts with a 2km or so steady incline, and then at about 8km in theres another big climb that goes on for roughly 1km. But then obviously there’s a few nice downhills too

Quite muddy today as it was raining when I ran so that made it a little bit difficult. 

I walked all the uphills and generally took it very steady as there was no time to beat. So I’m sure somebody will set a much faster time pretty soon 


Well done for the double FKT today, Jamie! Not much rest in the car between runs. You were on a mission! 

Thanks Mike! 

Yeah it was only an hour or so, hence the pretty poor time on this second one. Being the first I guess there’s no pressure anyway. The route was pretty good though so I hope others give it a go