FKT: Jamie Hurrell - West Sussex Literary Trail - 2022-05-27

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11h 43m 33s

I ran the first half of this trail in May ‘21 and always wanted to go back and do the whole thing. A few months ago I ran the second half so after seeing the whole route in various runs I finally went back to do it all in one hit

A Friday off work and a beautiful sunny day made for a good time on the trial! 

I ran solo and self-supported, which makes it feel like more of an adventure. Being a hot day made me get through my water quicker than anticipated and I ran out with 15k still to go and nowhere on the trail to get any more. I used a tap on the side of a church at 13km and shops in Amberley at 40km for water top ups previous to that

The route is good, pretty well signposted got the most part but not so much in a few spots. The gpx is handy and probably needed 

The LDWA site has the route listed at 89km and 79km which is odd but I made this gpx file using the exact map on their page and it came up bang on 79km with about 1100m elevation