FKT: Jamie Stone, R. Muzaffer Musal - Outer Mountain Loop (TX) - 2015-11-26

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8h 10m 0s

Jamie Stone and R. Muzaffer Musal ran the Outer Mountain Loop in Big Bend National Park in 8h10m on November 26, 2015.

Greetings Friends,
Our goal with this run was to establish a FKT for the trail and the Big Bend region.  We want to encourage more people to make their way out to the park for some wonderful trails.  I was able to record most of it with my watch on Strava, I am linking to the data below.  My watch did die about 1 mile from the end of the trail.  We are estimating this finish in 8h10m.  I know that this is shaky data for a FKT, but like I said, our interest is more in setting the mark for future efforts.  

Thanks for reading and happy trails!