FKT: Jamieson Hatt - Bluff Trail, Awenda Provincial Park (ON, Canada) - 2020-06-15

Route variation
Standard loop
Gender category
Start date
Finish date
Total time
36m 32s
GPS track(s)

This is a fun loop!  I got started at 6:29am.  I went counterclockwise which meant I did some small climbs first and saved the slight downhills for later.  The first part has quite a few roots.  So it was a balance between trying to run fast(for me), and not face plant.  I think I gave it a solid effort and set a time that I'm OK with.  It does feel nice to do something shorter and just really let your legs go.  It certainly hurts more, just for a way smaller amount of time.  I hope someone sees this and it makes them want to go and destroy my time.  This may be a short loop, but doing it as an FKT is a memorable way to complete a trail and great training.  I am so thankful I am able to do what I do!