FKT: Jamieson Hatt, Casey Thivierge, Derek Mulhall - Elgin Trail (ON, Canada) - 2018-04-07

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Standard route
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5h 20m 0s
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Note:  The trio carried a Delorme tracker during the run.

Trip Report: Elgin Trail FKT. This was such a fun day! We started just before 6:30am. It was nice and chilly out. The first part from Southdel Drive was nice and wet. We definitely got some soakers! We made it through the single track and then got to the county roads. We were moving pretty well. The sun came up and that lifted our spirits. Once we got back to the single track, the conditions were tough. The trails were snow covered with lots of down trees. We enjoyed the extra challenge though! One of the toughest parts was keeping our eyes on the blazes and finding the trail! Luckily, we had 3 sets of eyes. We made the most of the day. We took some pictures and had great conversations. Laughs were had as we took some good falls. The scenery was just wonderful! We really picked up the pace coming down to the finish on the beach. We ended up with a time of 5 hours and 20 minutes. As soon as we finished, we were already discussing our next FKT on the trail. We would like to improve our time even more. And also, attempt some other FKT's as well. I think we are hooked!

It was a great day on the trails! Here's the link to Derek's Suunto data...