FKT: Jamieson Hatt - Cooper's Falls Recreational Trail (ON, Canada) - 2020-11-30

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out & back
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1h 15m 0s
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So I only discovered this route last Saturday(2 days ago). I woke up and was trying to figure out where to do my run for the day. I was searching online and got really lucky and came across this trail. I decided to drive about 45 min to get there and check it out. Right away I was pleasantly surprised. It's a short, yet challenging route that could easily be replicated. I then started checking the weather and realized Monday was possibly my last chance for this due to the snow storm we are supposed to get. So I couldn't pass this up and had to make it happen. I started at 9:50 AM and got things rolling. I was lucky that the trail had dried up just a tad due to the last couple of dry days. My feet still got soaked, but it could have been worse. I did my very best in the technical, rocky sections while still trying to be a little careful. I did fall once, but I luckily landed on dirt and not rock. I almost slipped a couple of more times, but luckily I stayed on my feet. I hit the turn around point(7.3 KM) and make my way back to the start. I gave this a solid effort and did my best. For me, it's very challenging to try and move fast in this kind of terrain. I crossed the floating bridge and eventually got to the the last section which is some double track. I picked it up here and made it back to the start. The one thing I did forget to do that I normally like to do, is take my finish date stamped photo. I realized I forgot while walking back to my car. Other than that, it was an amazing day and I'm very glad it all worked out. I feel very lucky to have found this trail and I hope others will take advantage also!