FKT: Jamieson Hatt - Delhi Rail Trail (ON, Canada) - 2020-03-27

Route variation
out & back
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1h 55m 0s
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I'd like to dedicate this FKT to my grandmother, who passed away only a few days before I did this trail. She was always interested in my adventures and was always supportive too. As long as I was safe she would tell me. I made the trip back home for the funeral and decided this trail would be a good next step for myself this season. Delhi is a little out of the way on my trip back up north, so it worked out well logistically. And down south has no snow, unlike the trails around our house. It was my first time ever doing this trail. I parked in the lot off of Fertilizer Road. Did a couple warm up miles and I was ready to go. I started at 8:15. It was a little chilly and I started into a headwind. I felt well and the miles clicked off pretty fast. I was smart and stuck to a pace that I knew I could hold with my current fitness. I was comfortable, except for my hands which were freezing. Mittens would have been better than my thin gloves. Oh well. Just run fast so the focus won't be on my fingers haha. Hit my halfway(out and back) in Simcoe and took my time stamped photo. I just tried to maintain my pace until I got back to my car. I did manage to run a faster last mile also. Bonus. Overall, a success. I really enjoyed the trail. Time to think of what is next...