FKT: Jamieson Hatt - Lion's Head Perimeter Loop - 2023-08-13

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1h 40m 28s
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This is one I've been wanting to put on the map for a while now. It's an amazing loop with some really technical terrain and great cliff views. Unfortunately, it was raining. I knew this is one where having dry rocks would make for a faster time. I almost decided to postpone the attempt. Then I thought, I'm here, I'll make the most of it and see what I can do. I parked at the end of Cemetery Road and did a little warm up. I got started at 6:55 AM. The direction I chose was clockwise. I did this to get to the lookout point early and see less foot traffic. There was no foot traffic due to the rain though. The terrain wasn't too bad for a bit, then it got rocky pretty quick and stayed fairly technical throughout. I slipped on some rock here and there, rolled my ankle, but I got through it in one piece. I tried to hold pace and did the best I could. I've been trying to improve my uphill running skills. I got a chance to put that to the test here since there is some significant climbs. I was completely soaked from brushing up against the vegetation. In the end, I'm glad I gave it a go. I would love to hit this one up again at some point in dry conditions. I consumed no food and had a couple swigs of water from a flask. Lion's Head is a beautiful area!