FKT: Jamieson Hatt - Maitland Trail (ON, Canada) - 2019-09-14

Route variation
out & back
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17h 20m 0s
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My parents were nice enough to let me borrow their vehicle for this trip. Which means I had room to sprawl out in the back and have a proper sleep! I walked about a mile to the start of the route in Auburn and got started at 4:12am. I really like this trail! It's well kept up and blazed. My friend Casey also made a map for me which I had on my phone. Just in case. I didn't actually need it once, but I did use it to see how far I had gone at that point. It's usually best not to look haha. My plan was to do this trail as an out and back, unsupported. I knew I could refill my bladder at the halfway point in Goderich at a public bathroom right by the trail. So that meant carrying all of my food on me and rationing my water appropriately. This really adds another element to the adventure! I still have lots to learn, but I know some things I can do to make things better for the next one. It was smooth sailing early on. The weather was pretty close to perfect although I was feeling the heat a little mid day. Coming in to Goderich, you really get some nice views and cross a beautiful bridge. The trail joins with a rail trail for a little bit which was a great chance to eat some calories and not worry about tripping on a root or rock. I made it to the old trail station turned restaurant which is the end of the trail, or halfway point for myself. I took advantage of the public bathroom and filled up my bladder. I also drank as much as I could to top up. My plan was to start moving a little faster and get this done before dark. It looked like a great plan on paper. I was actually executing this plan until the wheels fell off a bit the last quarter. I was having some trouble getting calories in and I could have used some liquid other than water. Live and learn! I finished later than I wanted, but I'm still happy and it was a great experience. I do hope more people go and check out this trail. I think they will be surprised at how beautiful it is. I absolutely love adventures like this! I'd like to thank all of the people who help maintain the trail. You're setting a very high standard! Time to recover and plan the next one. Many more to come. I hope!

Admin note:  We estimate Jamieson's 1-way time at 8h13m from his GPX file.  That would be the 1-way unsupported time to beat.