FKT: Jamieson Hatt - Mizzy Lake Trail (ON, Canada) - 2020-07-17

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1h 6m 22s
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This was fun!  I started at 8:16am after getting a great nights sleep in the parking lot.  I also hiked the trail the night before to know what I was in for, and to make sure I knew where I was going.  It all went according to plan really.  It did rain a lot at night which made things a little slick, but that's OK.  Right off the bat, things were really technical.  It was more mentally taxing than many other trails.  I had to stay focused the entire time except for one section of old railway that lasted a little over a mile.  I ran this section fast as I knew I was going to be back in the bush soon with all of the roots and rocks.  There were also a couple boardwalk sections over swamps where I could open up the legs some.  Overall it was a great day.  It was short and sweet so there isn't really too much to report on.  I will say, from what I've seen of Algonquin Park trails so far, I'm impressed.  I think I'll be making the trip up there again this year:)