FKT: Jamieson Hatt - Oak Ridges Moraine Trail (ON, Canada) - 2021-10-09

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3d 11h 52m 0s

Fully unsupported effort. Carried all food(and a lot of extra water due to lack of natural water sources) from the beginning. Base weight was roughly 10lbs. 9lbs of food. Started with 7lbs of water just in case. 26lb total pack weight.


Day 1(41.47miles) - I got dropped off at the starting point in Warkworth and got started at 7am. A decent amount of road to start. Mostly dirt roads and very pretty. Eventually entered into the Ganaraska Forest. Which I would spend a lot of time in. First day went well overall. Found a good sleeping spot just off trail. Woke up from a couple of ATVs, but no big deal.


Day 2(41.12miles) - Woke up and continued through the Ganaraska Forest. A lot of double track ATV kind of trails through this section. Found a really great water source while leaving the forest early morning and topped up. The day went well and I lucked out with really great weather. I was worried about finding a sleeping spot due to the road sections later in the day. I saw on the map where the trail went off the road for a little section and was hoping I would find a spot here. I got lucky and found the perfect spot. 


Day 3(39.17miles) - On the road again. Literally. I really don't mind roads I've never traveled though. It's all new to me! I went through some really pretty sections later which were really nice in the fall. Finally got to a water source today after a day and a half without one. Glad I carried all the extra water! Getting closer to the 404 highway, you end up seeing some amazing mansions. It's quite the contrast to go from feeling like in the middle of nowhere, to a lot more concrete with these massive gated properties. Ended up sleeping at a set of baseball diamonds which worked out well.


Finish(41.86miles) - Crossed the 404 and 400 which were pretty big milestones in the trail. Saw many more beautiful gated properties in this area. Tried to move at a decent pace today so I could get this thing done and break the 3.5 day mark. Which ended up working out! Finished just before dark and was pretty glad to be done. Special thanks to Chantal for hiking out to the finish to meet me and give me a ride home!


Once again, I learned so much on this adventure. Every time it's different. And what works one time, may not work the next. You really have to take care of yourself out there. Being unsupported, there's obviously no one that can help you out. I love seeing new things and places for the first time. I love not knowing what's around the next corner. I love going through a cute little town that I probably never would have ever seen if it wasn't for doing the trail. I also love getting home and taking my first shower in 3.5 days. Thanks to the ORTA for memories that will last a lifetime!!!