FKT: Jana Veliskova - Roaring Brook Trail - 2022-08-13

Route variation
One Way
Gender category
Start date
Finish date
Total time
1h 32m 30s
GPS track(s)

This FKT should be clarified a bit because the elevation profile is for the out and back and yet the route is 7.4 miles, which is this route one way. 

I did this route from the north to the south end of the trail.

Even though there is more elevation loss, there is a gain of about 850-900 ft in this direction.

It follows the white trail marker. There are also blue and red, but don't let those lead you astray.

Here are some additional points for this trail from the perspective of North to South:

1. Despite its name, there is no "Roaring Brook" to speak of. (Might be because it's been very very dry recently, but I can't imagine that a "roaring brook" would be affected to this extent.)

2. Right around the camp site about two miles from the southern trailhead, the trail is a bit overgrown and difficult to navigate. It helps to have a compass. 

3. It is VERY runnable. The North to South direction will have more elevation gain but the trail itself is bike-able as well, so none of those sharp loose hills of ankle breakers you see on the AT and no crazy scrambles up mountains or stair-masters (I'm looking at you, Bear Mountain.)

4. The flora is gorgeous in the summer. 

5. This is a great trail to do unsupported solo - in terms of safety, I had reception the entire time and because it runs along the Taconic, I felt if anything happened I would be able to get help quickly. 

6. If you're doing the out-and-back, start in the south. Back to point #1 - there is no brook. At the northern trailhead, there are spigots with water by the campground where you would be able to refill your water.

My report:

This was a gorgeous trail. The weather was milder than last weekend (it was over 90 last weekend and today it was in the 80s.) I left my bike and locked it up by the southern trailhead and then drove to the northern end where I started. There's something exciting and special about doing a one-way trail completely on your own and then transporting yourself back to your car. 

The weather was agreeable -- it was about 80F with a gentle breeze and fluffy clouds overhead. 

I had approximately 3 liters of fluids with me, 1 l of Skratch and water in the bladder (which I went through completely) and carried my food (but I didn't eat at all on this run - had a banana and a muffin before getting started and a Cliff bar before getting on the bike.)

I got a bit confused at a few of the trail intersections and I'm glad I had my compass on me to help me settle those questions around direction.

The trail itself was a lot of fun - there wasn't a single point where I wished it was over.