FKT: Jared Campbell - Wasatch Ultimate Ridge Linkup (UT) - 2004-08-07

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21h 30m 0s

Third times the charm.  After 2 failed attempts at the so-called Wasatch Ultimate Ridge Linkup or (WURL) I finally completed the journey.  For pictures from the second 1/2 of the successfull WURL click here.  My camera didn’t work for the first 1/2.

I estimate it to be ~34 miles with ~21,000 ft of vertical gain and ~21,000 ft of vertical loss, on everything from good trail up to 5.7 with most of the terrain being roughly class 3 boulder hopping. On August 7th, 2004, I started at 2:00 AM and finished that night at 11:30 PM for a total time of ~21.5 hrs. Despite the relatively large amount of time I’ve spent in Bells Canyon, I still got lost trying to short cut across the upper Bells Canyon Valley and ended up doing about 1.5 hrs of the most heinous bush-whacking/stream-hiking of my life. Note that my course in the map below (easier to see in the large version) shows that I was just barely off-course. If you are going to attempt the WURL, make sure you have the last part dialed. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me for other info.