FKT: Jason Antin, Erik Sanders - Rainier Infinity Loop (WA) - 2018-07-12

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2d 11h 21m 7s
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The Rainier Infinity Loop is an all encompassing ultra-mountaineering adventure that takes you on a journey through Rainier National Park, climbing to the 14,411’ summit of the glaciated peak of Mt. Rainier not once, but twice and circumnavigating the entire mountain by way of the iconic Wonderland Trail.

Specifically, start at the John Muir Steps at the Paradise Trailhead and climb the south face of the mountain via the Disappointment Cleaver Route to the Summit of Mt, Rainier then descend to the North East via the Emmons Glacier to The White River Trailhead. Once at White River, run 30 Miles clockwise back to the Paradise Trailhead. Climb Mount Rainier again via the same routes as before, then finish the loop by running the remaining 67 Miles of the Wonderland Trail counterclockwise back to the John Muir Steps, effectively tracing an “Infinity Loop” around Mount Rainier National Park. The Mount Rainier Infinity Loop covers 135+ Miles and has over 47,000 feet of elevation gain.

Trip report:

Note that Antin & Sanders started the route with Sam Ritchie, but Ritchie stopped after the first "lap" (ascent/descent of Rainier, and run back to Paradise on the Wonderland).