FKT: Jason Brooks - Wonderland Trail (WA) - 2019-07-29

Route variation
Standard route
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Finish date
Total time
23h 49m 3s

What an epic adventure! This place is beautiful and magical. I had fun, I got lost, I almost didn't accomplish what I came to do. I wish I could have set the bar higher. I will not be back to make up for it.

After spending 12 days running the course during training camp, I still managed to get lost with 6 miles to go. It cost one hour and five minutes. Perhaps my most frustrating running mistake ever.

I ran the trail alone without taking any outside support. I carried all of my food (4,800 calories) and filtered all of my water from streams and lakes on the trail. My wife, Mallory, and our son and my brother saw me at different trailheads that intersect the trail along the way (e.g. the start/finish at Cougar Rock, Mowich Lake, Sunrise, Frying Pan, Box Canyon) and shot videos of me to share on social media for the people following along from afar.