FKT: Jason Hardrath - Bizz Johnson Trail (CA) - 2020-04-26

Route variation
one way
Gender category
Finish date
Total time
3h 23m 19s

Needed an legislatively open and socially distant option for the weekend. Had thought about this trail in my little black book of FKTs before...when I realized I could do the whole thing without even needing to stop for gas or use any public facility, Ashly and I pulled the trigger. And we successfully completed the trip without touching any shared surface, entering any building, or coming within 6’ of any human being.

A win for FKT’ing and chalk up a loss to COVID19. Not getting a free ride this time ‘rona.

Not my usual mountain style FKT but I do enjoy the history of Rails-to-Trails and these crazy coronavirus times still have so many things closed down...ANYHOW... As a kid growing up, I actually wanted to be a train conductor ?‍♂️ ? so those thoughts filled my head when I am one these trails (toot toot, “all aboard!”)

Dropped Ashly off for her start then drove down to drop the car...
Parked at the Susanville Depot terminus, Rode my bike from Susanville up to Mason Station, hid the bike in the woods, ran down the trail in an unsupported fashion.

Two snowy sections slowed me down a bit. Not too bad though.

The tunnels are fun but the second one gets pitch freaking black while in the middle. Like really black.

Running along the Susan River is pretty.

This trail could go super fast for someone in good road marathon shape.

Look for the time on this to go sub3 soon!