FKT: Jason Hardrath - Capitol Reef Four Canyon Loop (UT) - 2020-12-23

Route variation
Standard loop
Gender category
Start date
Finish date
Total time
5h 10m 48s

I put together this four canyon link up as a sort of front country "grand tour" of Capitol Reef and boy does it deliver. The running is varied from smooth-fast to mondo-techy-wet-slow (in my case, Ice ? covered). (See videos in my IG post)
The real winning point though? The canyons are phenomenal! You literally run yourself through the different rock layers of the reef from white up into red, then back down to white, over the course of the day.
The four canyons of the day are Grand Wash - Cohab Canyon - Sulfur Creek Canyon - Spring Canyon. Each one presents its own uniqueness as you go! Be prepared for some interesting obstacles in Sulfur Creek. (Again see videos in my IG post)
(I may have climbed two small frozen waterfalls as I did this in below freezing Temps in may find a bypass, but I love throwing myself at these obstacles to me it is the spirit of adventure running...I will try to link a video of my experience soon)
Definitely still adventuring on a depleted body, ran out of gas on the way down the techy running of Spring Canyon.

I think sub-5 is low hanging fruit. (I missed the turn up out of Grand Wash onto Frying Pan Trail which added 10 for sure)
Sub-4 to someone with serious 50k fitness and good navigation skills is doable for sure.
And sub-3:30 to those with great legspeed
I do wonder how close someone could put this to 3 flat though? Possible, IDK...

Who's next?

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