FKT: Jason Hardrath - Cathedral Peak - Eichorn Pinnacle Loop (CA) - 2019-07-05

Route variation
Cathedral + Eichorn Loop
Gender category
Finish date
Total time
2h 57m 22s

Oh my god, this was so amazing! What a day!
The basics: 
Started at the big rocks delineating the edge of the bear box area at the cathedral lakes pull of area at 8:44am
Turn off for climbers trail - at 0:06:18 (elapsed time)
Base of Southeast Buttress - at 0:45:01 (so many people to work around)
Up to summit of Cathedral Peak - at 1:34:03 (hung out for awhile here)
To summit of Eichorn Pinnacle - at 1:57:59 (signed register)
Rejoined John Muir Trail - at 2:30:12 (so much snow here still got lost a few times and had to use all trails to find my way)
Back to lot - at 2:57:22

The feelings: 
OMG! What a freaking epic day!
The short: I think I can go a full hour faster on fresh legs without snow getting in the way on the up and way down the trails and without being in onsight free solo mode on the climbs, not to mention the 9 parties I had to work around on the way up.
Next time, earlier start to avoid crowds. Rested legs. More altitude acclimatization. And don’t freaking onsight free solo shit Jason, damn it.
Love love loved this day! It is everything the books talk it up to be!
5/5 stars. would do again. Would recommend to a friend. Best experience in the Meadows!