FKT: Jason Hardrath - Epic Blarney Loop (UT) - 2020-12-21

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35m 34s

Epic Blarney Loop is a fun challenge that the canyoneering community thought up to turn what would normally be two separate downhill canyon runs into a pretty Rad loop.
Road Trip Ryan claims West Blarney is the best canyon of the North Wash. 

As for the speed-inclined-canyon adventurer...
It is:
All out. In sand. 4th and 5th class obstacles on the way up East Blarney. Crazy chimneys and one biiiig drop (5.8ish chimney, 15 meters) that you will want a rap or handline for on West Blarney. (Note: I regularly free solo 5.6-5.7 multipitch and I brought a handline, sandy chimneys...seems wise to back it up) Do your research and rehearse the route for a lap or two before trying with the gas pedal down. 

If you do this it will be the most fun 5k-10k equivalent effort you do all year.

I think sub 35 is low hanging fruit 
Sub-30 is pretty epic status.
And will someone who knows this by heart and has great legspeed go sub-25? Quite possibly 
I think approaching 23min is magic, Unicorn ? shit.

Who's next? 

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