FKT: Jason Hardrath - Golden Canyon - Zabriskie Point - Gower Gulch Loop (CA) - 2020-12-31

Route variation
Standard loop
Gender category
Start date
Finish date
Total time
53m 42s

Golden Canyon - Zabriskie Point - Gower Gulch Loop FKT to make 60 FKTs for 2020!

prior fast times:

Patrick - 1:05:39 (but went off route above Zabriskie Point)

Matthew - 56:20 (but missed the turn to descend the upper part of Gower Gulch) 

Robert - 1:05:09 (ran entire route spot on)

Since national parks are about conservative I do think it is important to stay to the main marked trails and not add to the erosion of this beautiful space by taking non-park-official user trails as shortcuts (especially the one marked to not walk on) which is probably the crux of this route...not taking wrong turns on tourist trails. (Look for the brown signs)

Personal Notes:

I have been eyeing this one for awhile. I grew up on Star Wars movies ? so had to give it a go...and I couldn't live with 59 FKTs with a possibility of going 60 in one year.

It was rough with 56 miles on the legs from Yesterday's 32 laps for Big City Mountaineers on Ubehebe Crater, but she went. Even captured the strava ascent crown ?, ta boot! Yew to 2020, yeet to 2021!