FKT: Jason Hardrath - Kraft Mountain, Red Rocks NCA (NV) - 2020-04-03

Route variation
Standard Loop
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Total time
37m 2s

 Got off route a bit on the descent due to someone putting up some incorrect cairns, ended up descending 4/5th terrain and then bushwhacking. Talked with Chris Gorney, I recommended I take a time penalty (even though I am certain due to the terrain I was slowed on my descent, but it was shorter, ~1/4 mile).

Super fun little sprint scramble. Perfect way to power some gain after an 11 hour drive making you want to vomit...
up the gully, is super easy to follow on ascent. Car to Summit in 19:42
don't get sucked down and left too soon like i did by some "false cairns" it dumps you into some class 4/5 terrain and bushwhacking which is slower and more painful than the trail down.
I think i would have went sub-36 minutes without the wrong turn
I took 37:02
Follow Chris's GPX not mine!!!