FKT: Jason Hardrath - Mt Hood Infinity Loop (OR) - 2020-07-19

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18h 53m 50s

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Short version:

Stoked Landon Lim brought the route to life. Kudos to him.

did the long half circ first due to people's scary reports about snow and downed trees, there are downed trees but the snow is largely gone was able to cross creeks with dry feet...with great care. overall, good.

the cooper spur route was in decent condition...thought the top was thin and punchy...especially climbing in the heat of the day, posthole central, slow going. overall, quite acceptable (and I never don't have a good time climbing this mountain)

down the south route was good to go, took old chute. still postholing most of the way down

short half circ went pretty quick, again downed trees but the snow was hardening as it cooled off at this point. overall, good.

second trip over the mountain went faster than the first up cooper spur because the snow wasn't a posthole discount store. 

was pretty sleep deprived and it was icy coming down south the second time, couldn't plunge step anymore, made for tedious going. 

was super happy to go sub 19hrs on this!


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Petzl Ride Ice Axes (2)

beat to hell hokas, la sportiva helios, and a quickly wearing pair of la sportiva blizzards...BRS aluminum crampons

Athletic Brewing "Upside Dawn" non-alcoholic golden ale after my first half (because hey, it sounded good in the heat), then a "Cerveza Athletica" upon completion to celebrate





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Epic, congrats! We almost crossed paths, it seems, while doing the LolliHood 100 route.