FKT: Jason Hardrath - OC&E Rail Trail (OR) - 2019-05-19

Route variation
Bly Station - Crosby Station (100km)
Gender category
Finish date
Total time
14h 9m 28s

It was kinda doomed from the start. I just wasn’t admitting it to myself. 

I had 57 miles under my belt for the week already. 50 of which came when I ran to work and back 25miles each way.

I had smashed my garmin 935 just the weekend prior to this while rock climbing. Which meant I had to borrow my 920xt back from my Ashly (which is a device that cannot recharge without resetting)

And, I set off on pace for a 4hr marathon for the first 26.2 and came through 50 kilometers in 4:58:59...and I haven’t broken 5 hours in a 50k trail race for years.

And I paid for it. Oh boy, I did pay for it.

I set out to do this Self-Supported but had to accept aid at mile 44 and 50 when my legs and body shut down with cramps thus it is a Supported record

I originally started at the historic end of the OC&E line on the west side of Bly, Oregon but realized there was a fence up around the park at Bly Station so I made sense to restart my OKT from there at bly station. so I reset the watch (here is that first mile: )
*Anyhow here are some time points along the way*
7:34 am Start at BLY Station
9:22 am cross Godow Spring Road at Beatty
11:21 am cross road 858 at Sprague River
12:26 pm arrive at Switchbacks Trailhead
4:18 pm cross road 1059 near Dairy, Oregon
5:07 pm cross under hwy 140 south of Dairy
50 min rest break for cramping near swan lake road and my watch died so I had to charge it 
8:13 pm cross hwy 140 at Olene onto paved section
8:47 pm Pine Grove Trailhead
9:43:28 pm "Finish" at Crosby Station in Klamath Falls
I continued on past the last station and it remained paved to the far side of washburn then it became unpaved and there was a homeless camp so I figure it is best to just end at the last station.
reached termination of the rail line at the rail yard at 9:58pm (listed record is just to Crosby Station)