FKT: Jason Hardrath - Round River at Smith Rock (OR) - 2019-02-02

Route variation
Round River, gate-to-gate
Gender category
Finish date
Total time
44m 28s

I found myself in the Bend, OR area for the Bouldering Nationals and had some spare hours to burn.
I figured it might be a good chance to shave time off the ole "River Round" car-to-car so I had my friend park at the gate, warmed up, and gave it a burn.
Legs felt a bit heavy going in but I didn't take climbing shoes for the route so I knew I could shave time from that transition over my previous "onsight" attempt.
The run in when a few seconds fastest but from there I struggled to stay on the send train.
The solo of "River Round" felt less secure in my New Balance Summit Unknowns compared to my Evolv Sharmas, as to be expected. So that split was slower. But I think the savings from no shoe swap still benefited the overall quite a bit.
The wheels came off the bus on the run back and I gave up a chunk there.
All in all, shaved 3 min

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