FKT: Jason Hardrath - Steens Mountain Crossing (OR) - 2020-10-17

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6h 33m 57s

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Look for a larger write up about Ashly and my crazy FKT weekend but there is a snippet for Steens Mountain Crossing:

It was a beautiful time of year to be crossing over Steens Mountain.  The colors were magnificent.  Going up Big Indian Canyon was beautiful, with colors of the changing trees below and the headwall up to Steens above, steep canyon walls on all sides. Climbing the headwall went pretty smoothly, even though my legs were tired from two FKTs the day before and the general fatigue of chasing this Journey to 100 FKTs (trying to average 1 per week for 2020). Views from the summit were awesome with the Alvord Desert Playa below! and then descending past Wildhorse Lake down Wildhorse Canyon was a treat (even if it includes some brutal bushwhacking.)

Props to Heather Laptalo for thinking/finding this route up with her friends and getting out and linking it together in this style!

The real treat here is finishing at the Alvord Hot Springs.  (which made for two nights in a row of finishing FKT efforts with Hot Springs soaks, night one was at the Hart Mountain Hot Springs)

Loved finishing with another Athletic Brewing "All Out" Stout to stay sharp for one more FKT effort the next day. All the refreshment, none of the hangover.