FKT: Jason Hardrath - Tenaya, Matthes, Cathedral Traverse (CA) - 2019-11-09

Route variation
Loop from Tenaya Lake
Gender category
Finish date
Total time
5h 53m 17s

Numerous photos on Strava.

I have been projecting the three major parts of this route for over a year:

NW Buttress 5.4yds, Tenaya Peak

Matthes Crest Traverse 5.7yds

SE Buttress 5.6yds, Cathedral Peak


Photos included in Strava



-car to Tenaya summit 51:05

3:11 on summit

-Tenaya to base of Matthes in 58:09

5:51 to change shoes and hydrate 

-base of Matthes to south summit in 30:16

1:58 on summit

-south summit downclimb then climb through crux to north summit in 10:56

52 seconds on summit

- 82:15 through remaining Matthes Crest including topping the two final fins of the crest, over the Echo Saddle and across to the base of Cathedral Peak

- 41:13 to climb SE Buttress of Cathedral (including time to change shoes)

1:29 on summit 

-65:56 to downclimb Cathedral and run back to Tenaya lake trailhead


This is a MEGA-Classic if run + solo. I definitely lost some time with bad beta on the final two fins of Matthes Crest and could maybe make the bushwhacks a bit faster


What are your thoughts on lot to lot with hitchhiking back to tenaya? 

Hey John.

I had read that the point to point was a common way for climbers to complete the route and it does save bushwhacking mileage, which makes sense.

I chose this route/style as it ‘felt’ right for the FKT style and was how the route was described in this forum. It felt cleaner and self-reliant. 

So what do you think?

I see in your other comment that you finished the point-to-point variation with a faster time. So let’s weigh in.