FKT: Jason "Ras" Vaughn - Grand Canyon Crossings (AZ) - 2013-05-07

Route variation
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Start date
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Total time
2d 20h 10m 0s

Blessings. This is Ras checking in from the Super 8 Motel in Hurricane, UT.
Exhausted and exhilarated.
I carried all of my calories and gear from the start and never accessed my car or took any of the Lara bars or macadamia nuts that kind people offered me.   
Officials times:
Start South Kaibab Trailhead Sat 05/04/20123 8:12 AM
North Kaibab Trailhead (1st) Sat 05/04/2013 3:41 PM
South Kaibab Trailhead (1st) Sun 05/05/2013 1:37 AM
North Kaibab Trailhead (2nd) Sat 05/05/2013 3:18 PM
South Kaibab Trailhead (2nd) Sun 05/06/2013 3:43 AM
North Kaibab Trailhead (3rd) Sat 05/06/2013 5:31 PM
Finish South Kaibab Trailhead (3rd) Sun 05/07/2013 4:22 AM

17:25 for a single unsupported Rim-to-Rim-to-Rim (2 crossings)
43:31 for a double unsupported Rim-to-Rim-to-Rim (4 crossings)
68:10 for a triple unsupported Rim-to-Rim-to-Rim (6 crossings)

I will post a link to my blog at with a detailed trip report in a few days. I still have a lot of driving to do to get home.