FKT: Jason "Ras" Vaughn - Wonderland Trail (WA) - 2012-09-10

Route variation
Double Wonderland
Gender category
Start date
Finish date
Total time
3d 17h 35m 0s

Jason Vaughan did a double Wonderland, Sept. 6-10, 2012. He started at White River Campground at 7:45AM on Sept. 6, and travelled clockwise (unsupported), finishing the loop in 33h35m. He then resupplied, and hiked the loop counter-clockwise, finishing the double Wonderland in 89h35m, at 1:20AM on Sept. 10.

At 7:45AM on Thursday, September 6th I left White River Campground heading clockwise around the Mountain.
I returned to White River Campground 33 hours and 35 minutes later. I ate, resupplied, took a 40 minute nap, then headed out counterclockwise on my second loop.
At 1:20AM on Monday, September 10 I returned to White River Campground for the second time, to complete the first ever Double Wonderland, Reversing after a total of 89 hours and 35 minutes on the trail.
FKT 89:35

I will update this with a link to my blog in a day or two.

What a blessing to get to spend all that time doing my favorite thing in my favorite place.

I think I accidentally turned the SPOT off when I leaned against a tree for a sit-n-fuel moment.
The only time I actually laid down to sleep was the 40 minutes at my turnaround. Prior to that I had only taken two or three micro naps of two minutes each when I was falling asleep on my feet. I would sit down and prop my head on my hands and go to sleep, so that I would fall over and wake myself up. It's amazing how just a couple of minutes can clear the fog from your mind.
After I had a pacer come on a third of the way through my second lap, I took a few slightly longer naps. While the big lightening storm was battering Indian Bar, we were climbing up to Indian Henry's amidst brief squalls and 360 degrees of distant lightening. I slept for 20 minutes leaning against a tree, timed by Allen Skytta. on two or three other occasions I slept for ten minutes.
So total I may have slept for as much as three hours out of the 89:35 that I was on the trail. Honestly, I had expected to sleep more, but was able to keep moving without having to.
Trey Bailey paced me for the last 20 miles and took some amazing photos. Here's a link to the Facebook album for anyone who wants to see.
I'll post a link to my blog when it is ready. Honestly, I am still having trouble wrapping my ahead around the whole project.

And thanks Ethan! I'm glad you are going back out after the FKT. Run well!

I have the first three of my blog entries about my Double Wonderland trip completed.

Part One is the background story.

Part Two covers the details of my training.            

Part Three is the actual trip report.

I'll post my nutrition and gear entries when They are complete.