FKT: Jason Schlarb - Torres del Paine (Chile) - 2014-01-21

Gender category
Route variation
Circuit + W
Finish date
Total time
16h 20m

Jason Schlarb completed the Circuit and the "W" in 16h20m on January 21, 2014, as part of a 2 week running adventure and film project with Joel Wolpert. Schlarb started at 4:00am and went counter clockwise. He reported the following splits:
-Lago Torres (end of Valle Ascencio) 4.52 miles, 1:12
-Back down to start and finish/trail junction, 9.05 miles, 2:12
-Camp Seron, 19.54 miles, 3:46
-Refugio Dickson, 30.88 miles, 5:39
-Pass, 40.84 miles, 8:09
-End of French Valley 62.39 miles, 13:16
-Finish, 75.60 miles / 121.67 km, 16:20