FKT: Jason Teitloff - Tunnel Hill State Trail (IL) - 2021-05-29

Route variation
one way
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Total time
6h 53m 30s
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Wow, what a day. Definitely filled with highs and lows and loved every minute of it. Started about 5:45am. It was a nice cool day for being Memorial Day weekend. This first 24 miles where pretty uneventful as I was enjoying the scenery and taking in the experience. Then, the 10 mile stretch from Tunnel Hill to Vienna I started to fatigue pretty rapidly and when I got to Vienna I really couldn’t believe I had 13ish more miles to go, but I continued on. It’s crazy how deceptively hard this route was especially in the later stages when you continue to use to same muscles. I clawed through the next 6 miles, my paces slower with each mile, until I reach mile 40. The next 5 miles seemed like an eternity because I could see a white spec straight head which turned out to be a bus. When I finally got to the bus I had 2.5 miles to Wetlands Center. I was able to drop my vest pick up a handheld and head to the finish where my wife was waiting for me. Video attached. It was such a blessing and happy moment for us to share together. Big shout out to my wife who supported me along the way. Stopping at Stonefort, Tunnel Hill, Vienna, Belknap, Karnak, and finally Wetlands Center. Couldn’t have done it without her.