FKT: Jason Thienel - Warner Parks Red, White & Blue (TN) - 2019-10-22

Route variation
9 repeats (100 miles)
Gender category
Finish date
Total time
1d 5h 59m 11s

My pal Jobie says it's good to do stupid things. I've been an ultra and mountain runner for about 7 years. I like to race, but I like to do made up adventures way more. I have really connected with the ideas shared on your podcast. I wanted to do this route for 2 reasons. One, I wanted to run 100 miles with no crew, no support and no pacers. Things are much easier when you have a support crew and energetic people at aid stations at 2am giving you warm soup and encouragement. Could I do it without those things? And two, I wanted to be the first one to do it.

I attempted it once before and gave up after 5 loops. For the first attempt, I used my truck as an aid station. When the going got tough, it was really easy just to get in my truck and drive home to a warm bed. For my successful attempt, I decided to ride my bike to and from the route. I carried all of my food and gear on me in a UD Fast Pack 15 the whole time with the exception of a Red Bull, a puffy and water that I left on my bike. I got all of my additional water from a spigot close to the trail. There are a set of stairs that lead to the Warner Woods trail that seemed to me to be the most iconic place to begin. I locked my bike to the trail sign and ran 9 consecutive loops turning right on each trail every time to equal just over 100 miles. I used a sharpie to make a mark on my hand at the end of each lap.

I had two splitter days with highs in the 70's. At night the lows were in the upper 30's. My body was depleted so I got mild hypothermia. I was ping ponging on the trail, and I couldn't remember the word for hypothermia. I said to myself, "Let’s be smart about this." I put on all of my layers and stopped in the heated visitor center bathroom to take a 10 minute nap. This warmed me up and I was able to continue. As I was finishing the 9th lap, my watch died. GPS seemed to be screwy all day so that's why the mileage is incorrect. I included a GPX of a single RWB to show the distance. Once my watch died I started the Strava app on my phone. Afterwards, I was able to stitch the two files together so that's what makes the time of 29:59:11 correct. I also texted my wife when I started and when I finished so that can prove my time as well. The elevation seems to be around 16 or 17k for the entire thing.

I did my best to do this route in good style by staying completely unsupported. I want others to try and do it faster and I would really like for it to be a race one day. I know this is not a typical FKT because of the loops, but I chose to submit it because all ultra Runners in Nashville and the surrounding area know it well.

Thanks for reading!