FKT: Jason Wheat - Broken Top Loop (OR) - 2020-06-19

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6h 37m 7s
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I started at the Three Creek Lake TH on the road and headed south on a clockwise loop and ended at the parking lot TH. I covered 22.45 mi in 6hr:37min following the .gpx I had dl'd to my watch and topography. Snow cover was 90% for the first 16 mi and the trail was almost always hidden. I was solo and unsupported with 3 16oz flasks of water, 2 Spring energy and a Cliff bar. Salomon Fellraisers (which are my goto shoe for snow, wet or mud) I wished I had more food. The snow really bonked me. I'm not a snow person so the warm sunny day was a nice plus for me. This may be one of my favorite trails I've ever done despite hating snow. It was a great day with epic views, lakes and what would be very runnable trail minus the snow. I recommend future attempts wait until late July or August to best experience the actual trail. The snow pack was very deep still. The north, last 8 miles, of the loop was clear of snow and passes through meadows and a recent burn area.