FKT: Jason Wheat, Jason Wheat - Artist's Palette Loop (CA) - 2020-11-17

Route variation
Standard loop
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1h 56m 3s
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I spotted this route as I was passing through so I didn’t plan anything and I’m just starting running again after a few months busy doing other things. The traffic flow goes from S-N so I just parked at the first parking area and started the loop there. I ran solo unsupported clockwise to face traffic on the one way road.

It’s a fun loop to run and a good way to experience running Death Valley without an arduous oab or navigating the awkward washes and trails. I think the whole loop is all uphill somehow. The safest direction is CW and There’s room to stay on pavement even when cars go by. Lots of shoulder room to run on if you need to step off when a camper or truck goes by. I wouldn’t run CCW unless it was very early am or at night when cars aren’t on the road. But it’s a slow drive so cars aren’t going very fast. I can’t speak much for scenery since half of my run was in the dark.