FKT: Jason Wheat - Powell Point (UT) - 2020-11-19

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round trip
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3h 10m 56s
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I regretted not having done this route in August so I stopped in on my way to CO to get it done. It was a sunny warm day and I wasn't expecting snow on the hill. I guess the year's first snowfall had come the day prior. There was snow at the trailhead and 90% coverage along the trail. Only the edge of Powell point was snow-free. I completed the out-and-back hike/jog at night and missed the sunset due to the slow progression through the snow. I wasn't planning on three hours but it was a short trip anyway. The trail climbs pretty steeply up to the ridge and then it's an easy run out to the point. It's a great route and if I'm ever driving nearby I will do it again.