FKT: Jason Wheat - Yockanookany Trail South (MS) - 2021-03-09

Route variation
one way
Gender category
Start date
Finish date
Total time
2h 23m 29s
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I completed this run as a point-point unsupported from the southern terminus of the trail to the last road crossing and northern end of the route. At some point the trail existed north of the route end but has now become overgrown with briars and a new logging project has destroyed the trail. I continued through this section 6 more miles before I bailed to the paved road to reach my bike I had dropped at the northern terminus 25 miles up and then road along the road back to the start. 

It was semi-dry and the trail can be pretty fast for the southern 8 miles and slows a bit due to vegetation the last 4, but not much of an issue. I would not do this trail after a rain since it becomes muddies quite easily, although there are several bridge crossing for the small streams and swampy areas. The route exits to the trace only twice to utilize the road bridges that pass over the inlets to the lake.