FKT: Jasper Johnston - Snowbank Lake Loops (MN) - 2022-05-21

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5h 50m 39s

I had planned on doing the Spring Superior Trail 25km, but with the significant course change I wanted to do something a bit more exciting. I hadn't planned on going for the FKT but the conditions were very good and it worked out. The trailhead sign says 23 miles while AllTrails said 27 so I really had no idea how long I would be out for. I drank 1 liter of scratch and 1 liter of water and ate about 2,000 calories. This is a trail I have been wanting to run for a long time but never have had the chance. It is a very cool wilderness trail with great changes in topography and scenery. 

I normally would post this to Strava, but for some reason the Suunto app will not connect with Strava.