FKT: Jay Durand - Hancock Shaker Village Loop (MA) - 2020-06-13

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6h 54m 17s

Set off about 10:30AM to complete this loop.  Unsupported effort; no water/food drops, and was unable to get anyone to run this with me!  Pulled water from a few small creeks along Griffin Trail, to supplement the water that I carried.  

No major issues along the way; weather was spot-on and I was able to make consistent progress all day.  I got off-trail immediately after Tower Mountain, had to backtrack about a quarter-mile.  Note that Taconic Skyline trail is primarily used by all-terrain vehicles so it does not appear on all hiking maps.  Be cautious of ATVs!  Griffin Trail likewise often does not appear on many hiking maps, and the southern terminus (where it connects to Skyline) there is no trail marker.  In addition, this southern section is *technically* labeled as "closed" but this only appears to apply to ATV users; the trail itself is wide, easy to follow, and in reasonable shape.  No indications that the trail is closed to ALL users (no signs at all approaching it from the north).

One spot on Doll Mountain Trail that is a little confusing; about a mile in, the trail forks, with one loop to the left heading up the mountain and the other veering slightly to the right.  You want to keep to the right even through the trail seems slightly less-used.  This will drop you off on Shaker Mountain Trail in about a half mile, very close to that trail's junction with Skyline and the TCT.

Surprisingly quiet on the trails despite the spectacular weather.

I'm proud of my effort but quite certain that folks can do better!