FKT: JB Benna - Tahoe Rim Trail (CA) - 2013-10-01

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2d 10h 43m 12s

A quick report of my unsupported Tahoe Rim Trail  FKT with a detailed report to come soon.

I left Spooner Summit heading clockwise (changing from counter-clockwise because of the extreme wind newly forecasted rain) at 9:06AM on Sunday September 23rd 2013.  I hiked and ran the entire Tahoe Rim Trail unsupported and arrived back at Spooner Summit at 7:49PM on Tuesday October 1st 2013. My GPS read 169 miles and a time of 58:43:12.


I am super humbled and inspired by the experience.

I am still trying to raise donations for the Tahoe Rim Trail Association in honor of Michael "Mish" Popov if anyone wants to help.

Happy Trails,

JB Benna

Trail Name: Journeyfilm


Photos and videos from my Tahoe Rim Trail Unsupported FKT are posted. Full report coming soon.

JB Benna


Hi All,

I realized that with kids and life I had never written a full report. I apologize as my writing is slow and my time is short. To make up for my deficiency, here is a podcast report I did right after the event.

And again my timestamped photos

The only other thing I wanted to clarify for anyone who wants to attempt the Tahoe Rim Trail supported or unsupported moving forward is that there are now three sections where the official Tahoe Rim Trail has two routes. In all cases I took the newer and longer route as did Amber Monforte based off of her spot above.

1) Relay Peak Ridge - The old course runs down the fire road back to Tahoe Meadows. The new single track heads north on the ridge and then winds its way down to Mt Rose trail at the Waterfall and follows the Mt Rose Trail back to Tahoe Meadows adding several miles.
2) Marlette Peak, there is a Mt bike trail and a foot path, they are almost the same distance, but I stuck to the foot path on the West side of Marlette Peak, better view anyway.
3) Kingsbury grade, the old trail used to stay on the ridge and follow the road through the neighborhoods of Heavenly. The new further West route descends all down to the Kingsbury grade road and then climbs all the way back up.

I also wanted to note that though the Tahoe Rim Trail Association still calls the trail 165, if you add up all of the new mileages on the maps provided on their website it totals out at 174. So though Kilian has the supported 165 record, in a sense there is a new opportunity for someone to go after the Tahoe Rim Trail supported 174 record and I really want to see an unsupported female attempt as well.

Go get it. :)


JB Benna